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 A Brand Concept for

Daily Paper 

Survival & Success in the Digital Age 

For Daily Paper's SS19 season I created this concept research report. It included a global analysis focusing on technology and how it affects us, leading on to a seasonal brand mission and concept of survival and success in the digital age.

After developing the concept, and a kick-off creative direction for the collection, I was responsible for creating in depth briefs for the graphic designer.


This resulted in was a graphic heavy collection rich in concept. Here I share, the report and the message behind some of the design element, graphics and art direction carried out by the Daily Paper design team.

If you would like a brand or collection concept tailored to your brand needs please email me at


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Concept Round Up

Survival & Success in the Digital Age 

for Daily Paper

pg2 ss19 conceptopt2 copy.jpg

Centred around the possibility of Africa leapfrogging and mastering the 4th Industrial Revolution, this concept was created as awareness and concerns grew around topics such as phone hacking, targeted ads, information overload and cyber vigilantism.


At the time we were discovering just how valuable our data was and how vulnerable it (and we) can be due to constant surveillance and interception. I examined the value we place our own data looking at convenience vs the possible threat to our privacy, freedom of expression and freedom of association. Ultimately we came to the conclusion that the digital age can empower and accelerate us but only if we leverage it before it leverages us.
We imagined how this might look with Africa leading the way with Daily Paper Technologies alongside whilst highlighting the need to reconnect with humanity and our community within an environment of rising automation. For SS19 we asked the question; How to Survive & Succeed in the Digital Age.

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Concept in Design

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