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 A Brand Concept for

Daily Paper 

Transcending Borders, A Global Community

The SS18 Transcend Borders concept was inspired by the diversity of Africa and the diaspora. My aim was to transcend the borders of our own thinking. When I joined Daily Paper in 2016 the previous collections were based on concepts that were inspired by African tribes. I was aware of how this rhetoric could contribute to stereotypes and we felt we were missing out on an opportunity to explore the diversity of creative African movements from all over the continent. The concept began at the usual place “the tribe” The Basotho tribe specifically and then travelled on an inspiring journey looking to African contemporary artists, punk bands, skaters, female boxing crews and bike gangs to diaspora artists. I was developing this concept during Brexit discussions and the Trump travel ban and  so elements of passport privilege and prejudice also influenced the narrative. The final concept  was a celebration of a collective mindset that Transcends Borders. We explored where the norm is interrupted, thoughts are pushed further, where Daily Paper as a brand could be more than clothing. A global community of like minded individuals focusing on connection rather than exclusion.

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