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 A Brand Concept for

Daily Paper 


For FW18 my aim was to shine a light on our politically engaged society. To recruit a community in the hope to unite like-minds to protect themselves from the uncertainty of what was and is to come. Within the community, we discovered the importance of a global community, relevance, equality, privacy, and freedom. We encouraged self-education and explored how we could protect ourselves and our freedom with the power of privacy in a time where we question if it even still exists.

After the concept story line is developed, I develop a creative direction to direct the output. I worked with the design and sales departments to develop further into the product and showroom concepts. The marketing team took the concept and developed their own exciting campaign concepts, which have lasted long after the FW18  season.

Below I show the report and a few examples of how the concept was translated.

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Concept Round Up

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Direction & Concept Output

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