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Content Creation for
Our Isolated World

As Head of Content for Our Isolated World I researched, curated and built content around isolated stories from our global community. The project started during the Coronavirus pandemic as supporting material to a proposed documentary series by Basma Khalifa with the aim to connect isolated people. 

We sent out a general request for voice notes about personal isolation experiences. I also researched and requested specific stories I felt were important; to give a voice to people or issues that may go unseen. Creating content from the eye-opening stories sent to us and investigating narratives we felt were untold made for a interesting project to work on.

The short stories ranged from at home lockdown stories, to religious isolation stories, to being isolated at sea. Have a listen to some of the stories below. 

Isolation Stories - Identity

Where is home when you’re stretched across three places? This is one of many questions multi-national, Kristen was faced with in isolation.⁣

kristen additional content.jpg
kristen quotes3.jpg

Isolation Stories - Religion

TW: religion, xenophobia, islamophobia. In this raw account, Charmaine bares all when it comes to her religious and spiritual journey, leaving her expectations at the door.

If you would like a research or content creation tailored to your brand need send an email to the address below!

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Isolation Stories - Isolated at Sea

Elio shares with us the experience of isolation at sea during his time in the merchant navy.

elio quote.jpg

Isolation Stories - Isolated in Indonesia

From Indonesia, Thari shares her experience losing her job and how she re-framed her isolation experience to help her self-growth

QUOTE thari4.jpg

Isolation Stories - Elderly in Isolation

We share two voice notes. First, 80-year-old Sheelagh from County Durham gives us a heartwarming account of her lockdown. Then Lydia's speaks on her discovery of a valuable friendship whilst caring for an elderly woman and her sister during the pandemic.

sheelagh + lydia.jpg

Isolation Stories - Isolated in Columbia

Maria takes a step back and looks at the consequences of lockdown on her native country as a whole and the youth of the country.⁣


Isolation Stories - Isolation as a refugee

In this voice note, we hear of Mohamed's experience on coming to Holland as a Syrian refugee & his feelings towards attempting to assimilate.

refugee stats.jpg

Isolation Stories - Isolated in Scotland

Tricia a therapist working in Glasgow shares her experience of isolation during 2020, the positives of alone time and the need for connection.

QUOTE tricia.jpg

Isolation Stories - Sexuality

John, bravely shares his isolating experience of accepting his queerness and sexuality in this emotional voice note.


Isolation Stories - Isolated in Australia

In Sarah's story she shares her feelings about being isolated in Australia cut off from the rest of the world during the pandemic.

QUOTE sydney.jpg

Isolation Stories - Eating Disorders

TW: eating disorders, mental health

In this voice note, author & mental health advocate Tina speaks on how the pandemic has deeply affected those dealing with eating disorders.

QUOTE tina.jpg

Isolation Stories - Isolated in Saudi Arabia

From Saudi Arabia, we hear a woman's self-reflection on her disconnect with herself, valuing education and new lessons learned


Isolation Stories - Disability

Artist Hannah shares her experience with chronic pain & deteriorating health including how this has affected her identity. Highlighting how we as a society overlook the isolation that that this can cause.

hannah quote.jpg

Isolation Stories - Isolated in Canada

Isolation brought surprising revelations for Noor, who returned to the simple beauty we often forget in life.⁣

claire + noor quotes5.jpg

Isolation Stories - Self Imposed Isolation

What do you know about living with Diabetes? In this honest voice note, we hear from Claire about her journey to being more open. 

claire + noor quotes.jpg
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